The Good Luck Charms Collection 🍀

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Summer days will be upon us soon but, for students across the country, the arrival of May means that exam season is just around the corner. Gift them a little bit of luck to take into the exam room with our Good Luck charms collection. We have gathered symbols of good luck from across the globe into this sterling silver collection. Read below to find out the countries each good luck charm belongs to. 


Bamboo: China

In Feng Shui, the hollow structure of the plant helps the movement of positive Chi energy. 


Evil Eye: Turkey

Provides protection from ill-will and misfortune


Four leaf clover: Ireland

In part, they are believed to be lucky because it is rare to find one. They have very old associations with giving people the ability to see evil. 


Ladybird: Europe

Allegedly in the Middle Ages, European Christian societies believed the beetle's spots represented the Seven Sorrows of Mary.


Pigs: Germany and China

Associated with wealth and prosperity. Known as a Glücksschwein in Germany and can be traced back to the Middle Ages.


White elephant: Thailand 

Connected to the birth of Buddha and believed to be highly auspicious 


Wishbone: the Uk and USA

The ancient Etruscans believed the collar bones of chickens to be sacred and wished upon them for good luck. 


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