Teacher Gifting Ideas

It's around the time when the sun comes out and the school/university season comes to an end. Whilst you're excited to catch some summer rays and sleep in as late as possible, why not take time to thank the amazing tutors, teachers and professors who have helped you through the year. They see you more than your own family! 😉

So, if you're about to say goodbye, we have curated a lovely list of items that would make the perfect thank you gift. 


Let your teacher know how much of a star they have been to have put up with you 😉 

Shop Star Studs Here 


Rainbows are a great way to show that your tutors have been that light during the hard times of the year, when studying just wasn't going right, they were there to help! 

Shop Rainbow Studs Here


Not sure if they'd prefer earrings? Necklaces are a beautiful gift, especially showcasing a bright design and none permanent option. 

Shop Rainbow Heart Necklace Here



Now all teachers need tote bags, especially to hold all their books and students works'. This book tote bag is a great gift to say thanks. 

Shop Book Tote Here


All tutors love to accessorise! This initial scarf is a perfect personal gift. 

Shop Scarf Here


Don't think your teacher would appreciate jewellery? Why not quirky socks! Show them your personality or even match theirs. We have a range of Unisex socks that come with some funny designs. Why not these maths and science symbols! 

Shop Socks Here

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