Stacking and Layering Jewellery Inspo

Stacking jewellery has always been relevant and now that we’re going into a resurgence of the Y2K trend, chunky golds and beads are a great mixture of layering up. We’re going to delve into what we think are some great combos for you to try out - whether you’re into silver, golds or even beaded jewellery. 


First up, if you’re interested in rings then stay tuned! Ring stacking is one of the most popular trends at the moment and we love that clunky feeling (especially when writing a ☕ text)  


Next up is necklaces - we love to have a statement necklace, with a plain chunky gold chain to set it off and add to that layering effect. However, if you’re after the easy route of having both in one, then look no further as we have the answer for you! This necklace has two chains, with the illusion that it’s separate, but it’s not, it’s one! Why not pair more of these together. 


Now onto beads, a colourful and back in fashion style that can be worn in plenty. We think copious amounts of bright beads really work when it comes to layering, because it is such a garish style it means you can just keep adding as much as you want.



If you have some amazing jewellery stacks using our products we'd love to see what you have created! Tag us on your socials with @chicstories11 and we'll give it a share and even send you a cheeky exclusive discount

Now, off you go! Enjoy styling your jewellery and remember there is no rule to layering jewellery, just have fun with it. 

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