Silver Jewellery Top Tips

Well done! You have received your new pair of earrings. Now you can wear them with your new outfit and stand out and look the part. But you want some little tips to make them last; from keeping them tarnish free and nice and sparkly. 

Now buckle in and let's learn some tips. 

  1. Your jewellery will come with a silver polishing cloth - use this weekly to avoid tarnish
  2. Our earring butterfly backs are all 4.5mm and fit all our post sizes (unless we say otherwise). If they're a little tight, we suggest giving them a little bend. We keep them tight as they're fresh and to prevent from being too loose. 
  3. Keep your jewellery clear out of water as it can tarnish very easily. 
  4. Keep them out of the light if you're not wearing them! Keep them in our handy little bags when send them in. 
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