Queen's Jubilee Star Studded Inspo 👑

It’s here! The Queen’s Jubilee is arriving this week and we’re all excited to celebrate 60 years of her Majesty. It looks like there’s sunshine ahead, which makes the event feel even more special so we have compiled a list of Queen inspired items that you can wear with your Union Jacks outfits! You’ll be sparkling as you drink by a BBQ! 

From star studded rings to crown earrings, there will be more than one queen stealing the show. 

First up is our Crown Silver Studs, £10. These dainty crown studs are the cutest little crowns, almost good enough for her Majesty. 

Fancy something a little bit different? Try one of our Tiny Crown Cuff, £7. Not ready to full commit to a piercing or want to add more to your earring stack, then cuffs are the best way to do so. 

These cute Mini Crown Stud Earrings, £8 are cheap and cheerful if you're not able to splurge on an actual real crown 😉 These studs come in two different colours: Gold and Silver. 

This is a special ring! Our moissonaite range comes with Red Halo Moissanite Ring, £32. Blingy and bright! 

Sterling Silver Crown Ring, £15. A nice and simple way to show off your crown!


Need more inspo? Have a dive into our range:

Queen's Jubilee Collection


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