Outfits for January 2023

If you're looking to pick out an outfit for 2023, we have just the ones for you. From elegant, or laying back with a grunge design, to even throwing back to the Y2K era. We have handpicked this selection just for you
Look one - Eleganza bonanza 
You want to be elegant and classy? That's what we like to hear at Chic Stories. Don't ever apologies for wanting to break the curve with a hint of elegance, whether be you are dressing up for work or just a new you. Let's start with jewellery accessories: large pearls from necklaces to earrings. 
Look two - Grunge goddess
If you're wanting an edge for your outfit then we have you covered with these accessories. From paperclip earrings, to chunky gold chokers and rings. Pair all of these with a white tee, baggy blue jeans and a camo jacket and you're set to be a grunge goddess.  
Look three - Y2K throwback
This has been a style that has taken the Gen Z era by storm with its comeback. There's nothing wrong with a millennial throwback, with beads and colour. 
Look four - Workin' for 2023 
You may be needing to do that grind this year and that's fine! We've all been there sweetheart, it's what makes us who we are. Let's pick an outfit thats smart and going to make you feel like you can take on January like a boss! From this smart shoulder bag, plenty of compartments for your essentials and folders. You can switch up the colour too if you're not feeling an all over black feel - accessories can uplift that work uniform. 
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