Our Top 5 Best Sellers

Here is an insight into our customer's favourites! We hope you like them too.
Number 5: Daisy Ring 
The daisy ring is a popular gift for your bridal party or friendship group. The elegance and simplicity of this ring makes it the perfect everyday accessory. 
Daisy Ring
Number 4: Cat Studs
Something for the cat lovers in your life. These earrings are the perfect balance of cuteness and class. They are both dainty and fun! 
Cat Studs
Number 3: Star Spiral Earrings
These star earrings are unique as they give the illusion of a double piercing. They are secure in the ear and make the perfect staple accessory. 
Spiral Stars
Number 2: Dainty Flowers
These dainty flowers are perfect for all ages and styles. They are so versatile and popular in both sizes!
Dainty Flowers
Number 1: Something Simple... 
And finally, our best seller. A simple swirl adds the finishing touch to any outfit day and night. These sterling silver studs are completely versatile and a perfect gift for someone special. 
Simple Studs
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