National Bee Day - 20th May

The sunshine is back out and ready to make our days feel a bit more lively. Have you noticed a lot more buzzing going round? Well today is National Bee Day, a day in which we celebrate the biggest pollinator. Whether you love them or hate them, you can't deny they’re pretty cute with their stripes. They’ve also become a really popular fashion trend over the years. So let's have a look at our popular bee accessories:

Starting off strong with one of our Best Sellers - our Bee and Flower Stud Earrings (£10). Now you can choose between two different flowers, but we’re here to see our little bee stud. It’s cute and colourful and a great quirky accessory.

Next up is our Sterling Silver Bee Earrings (£12.25). Now these realistic studs are a great minimal design, with a hint of yellow and dainty artificial pearls. We think these studs are an elegant example.

Bumble Bee Stud Earrings (£9). Now these bee studs are a cute addition, with a cartoon style. They’re great for presents for the little ones too.

Bumble Bee gold with green stones huggie. Regular price £15.15 / Sale price £7.58. Huggies are a very popular earring recently, and they look great when earring stacking. For example, our bumble bee huggie. With a pop of colour with green stones, this earring is even on sale!

Sterling Silver Summer Charm Bracelet (£19.00). To mix it up here is another accessory alternative, such as our summer charm bracelet. A simplistic but colourful bracelet.

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