Meet the Team - Digital Manager, Paige

What is your favourite Chic Stories product? The North Star Gold Huggie

What is your role at Chic Stories? I'm a Digital Manager. My role includes listing products, answering enquiries and customer complaints, graphic design, photo editing, product photography, website design, social media content, packing orders, running various sales channels, the weekly newsletter and blogpost.

Why did you choose this role? I've come from a retail background and a very visual university degree, so getting the chance to work with helping build the brand with my knowledge from my previous roles has been a great opportunity. 

What is your favourite food? This is something I struggle to pick because I love all kinds of foods, but I would say my one true love is chocolate. 

What is you favourite place to visit? Center Parcs Sherwood Forest! I've been there a total of 5 times and would happily move there if I could.

What are your hobbies outside of work? I do have quite a few: reading fantasy books, drawing, gaming and listening to music. 

What is in your photo? In my photo there is my Nintendo Switch which I adore and have clocked around 200 hours of Animal Crossing on there… There’s my iPad which I love to draw on, it’s also useful for the long days of packing when we need to watch a few cooking shows. There’s my favourite scent from the Body Shop. My phone and my airpods, my two greatest loves. My bookmark because I couldn’t even attempt to fit all of my books in one photo. And then finally my desk plants and chocolate!

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