Affordable Gift Ideas

There's no secret that it's only 59 days until Christmas, but we can keep it quiet if you like! But we know it's quite daunting for some, so we have made a little gift idea list of affordable items so you'll have the whole family covered. So don't feel like you have to spend the earth. 

Something for Mum

We know Mum loves a gift with lots of meaning and so do we - we aim to make our items special. So how about a lovely necklace, one with lots of mushy hidden feelings attached. An Interlocking Circle necklace is just the one - show Mum that you and her are forever bound by that motherly love.

Something for Dad

Now, don't worry, we aren't suggesting you give your Dad a pair of floral earrings (unless he wants some, then go on Dad!)  but are suggesting a pair of socks.This may be a typical gift, but we know everyone secretly loves getting a new pair. 

Something for a friend

We love showing our friends just how special they are to us, it's like choosing jewellery - choosing a friend is a life long commitment. Even better, get something that is matching. How about our Silver Friendship Bracelet, where you could be the X or the O. 

Something for a loved one

A loved one, whoever they may be, are unique and you want to show them love. That your love is everlasting. This one is for the boys who need a bit of help to choose. Our Infinity Love Bracelet is a great and loving gift, that shows an infinity symbol to equate how you feel. 

Something under £ 10 

We're wanting our jewellery to be exclusive especially when times are tough this year. That is why our affordable jewellery ranges from £5 or more, quite a steal! Needing a stocking filler for under £10? Easy. Our Tiny Heart Stud Earrings are a lovely and simplistic gift. Jewellery doesn't need to cost the earth. 

Something under £ 5

Under £5? You think we're joking? Of course we aren't! We have lots of jewellery under £5, items on sale too. An example is our Mini Post Stud Earrings - a choice of 3 styles all for the price of £5. A quick, little gift! 

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