Fresh in the New Year 2023!

Let's start the New Year with a bang! Throw away all the old bags and jewellery you keep in your trinket boxes, and begin a new you with a new style. Check out our list of new items we think work well for the new year ahead. 

2023 is about being bold and looking into all the new styles, it looks like there's a theme ahead! From chunky essentials, beads to big pearls, jewellery seems to be rocking the boat with BIG styles. This also includes a look into our accessories, where metallic, green and large, boxy bags are standing out in the crowd. 


  1. Chunky colours
  2. Beads
  3. Singlet large rings
  4. Big Pearls
  5. Diamonds  


  1. Metallic bags.
  2. Green bags.
  3. Oversized XXL bags.
  4. Textured fuzzy bags.
  5. Top handle bags.

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