FAQ: How to care for your Dream Catcher

Our dream catchers are a big hit and we're so happy to see you're loving them! So we thought we'd answer some Q's about our infamous dream catchers on how to care for them and all the ins and outs of troubleshooting. 


  1. All of our dream catchers are artificial - they are not real feathers and no animal was harmed in the making, so relax! We love our furry friends 🥰 
  2. Dream Catchers do get tangled in transit (much like your headphones when you put them in your pockets, or a necklace that gets a knot out of nowhere) so we try to untangle beforehand to ensure this doesn't happen. If it does, simply pick the dream catcher out of the box, give a shake and do some detangling.
  3. If your dream catcher has lights there might be a chance that in transit from being squashed, the lights might not switch on. Fear not! We have a little trick that's an easy fix. There is a copper wire in the small white battery box, make sure it's not flat! We've done a small diagram for you if you need some extra help and if you're still struggling, drop us a message and we'll help.
  4. All dream catchers have a small fabric loop for to hang, they're pretty sturdy!




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