Did you know: Rewards System

Did you know we have a reward system for our most loyal fans? Do you want to earn more when you spend and treat yourself with saved up points? Have we peaked your interest? I think so too! Keep reading to find out how to start your Chic Stories Rewards TODAY:


We wanted our rewards system to be easy, affordable and worth it. We wanted you, the customer, to feel like you were getting back just as much as you put in, it’s only fair after all.


With more ways to unlock exciting perks, this is your all access pass to exclusive rewards.


What you want to do to sign up - bottom left of our webpage is a little circle button of a present. Click it and then follow the instructions of joining.


In there we have the run down of how much you can earn and ways to redeem more points. Also, if you’re wanting to be generous, you can refer a friend (and earn points that way too without having to spend!) 


Make sure you’re signed in before you purchase anything and happy shopping! 

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