Back to School & Uni Tote Bags

Summer is nearly over and the season education is just around the corner. Now choosing your bag is the most important part, it needs all the components - size, durable and cute. Let's check out our top bags for University, School and Work which will set you up for the new season.  

Starting off: our most loved tote bag, the corduroy. Our most popular colour is brown, it's chic and goes with everything. It's a neutral colour so don't worry about it being too garish! 

Next up is another popular favourite of ours. It's a beautiful, elegant and simple tote that can fit plenty in - it comes with inside pockets too for your keys or any loose change for a wander to the vending machine to make the day pass by quicker... 

Want something a bit out there? This knitted leopard print tote is a great size that can fit all your A4 folders and laptop in.

For all you readers out there. A book lovers dream, who says you can't have what you love for all to see! 

If you want something completely different - a bright pink leopard print canvas tote. What else is there really to say but AMAZING. 

A popular nylon shoulder bag which is great for all weathers and up to A4 size folders. It's durable in weight too. 

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