Autumn: Orange Trends

As Autumn is in full swing, we prepare with warm orange colours and get ready to wrap up as there is a definite chill in the air. Halloween also looms and we find ourselves wanting to incorporate all of those fiery cosy colours! We have put together some of our warm colours from scarves, bags and jewellery - all great accessories to your outfits. 

Auburn is such a popular colour, it encapsulates Autumn and it also comes in a colour of one of our very popular scarves. Although this scarf isn't thick in nature and silk imitation, it does help protect from some of the weather elements. From it going over your head to stop any fly aways from blustery winds, to adding a cute and simple flair around your neck if you feel a bit of a chill on an Autumn walk. Also add to the handle of your bag to add a pop of colour.

Next up is Cute Orange & Black Flower Corduroy Tote. This comes with a hint of orange and really warms up an outfit. It also can resemble those fallen Autumn leaves. This tote comes in handy with it being a corduroy material, thick enough to withstand a bit of rain so that the inside lining will protect all of your belongings. Be careful though, not too much of a deluge! 

Now onto jewellery: Leaf Charm Stud Earrings. A beautiful leafy design that really does encapsulate the warm auburn leaf covered trees. Choose from Gold or Silver, but we think gold is a perfect match for the season. We want to feel as if this small but worthy jewellery can add to your outfit and make it stand out. For it to catch someones eye and they can also match up the seasons and correlation to your fit. We love a bit of a match! 

Now it doesn't all have to be auburns or oranges just for Autumn, we find beige to be a very complimenting colour to add. So, how about one of our Waterproof Nylon Shoulder bag (that comes in both beige and orange). Take your pick for the rainy weather that is ahead, you can never be too certain when the next downpour will be. We find that these calming warm colours really make a difference when it comes to adding to an outfit that is quite neutral - it's different from your basic black bag that can feel a bit of an outfit repeater when you wear it everyday for school, uni or work. Why not mix it up a bit.  



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