A Day In The Life At Chic Stories HQ

Ever wondered what a typical day in the life of a digital manager looks like? We have an inside look at a day in the life at Chic Stories HQ. 

We are a small team, based in Newcastle, where we operate our packing studio as well as our customer service and brand development studio. Our day usually consists of a range of activities. Some days we have product photoshoots, other days are spent content writing and scheduling. However, each day always starts packing your lovely orders! 

And of course, whilst we pack, we chat and catch up as a team whilst also planning the day ahead. 

Then we take some time to answer any messages we have received and respond to all your lovely reviews. We really appreciate the feedback and such nice things our customers have to say! 


After a relaxed morning packing all your lovely orders and planning our next steps...it's lunch time. For a change of scenery, we take a nice break in our building and when the sun decides to shine, we love to enjoy some vitamin D. 

The afternoon is the part of the day that differs depending on the day. On this particular day, we had some social media to schedule and plan. With Spring in full swing and Easter around the corner, we are working on our upcoming campaigns (p.s keep an eye out on our instagram for more giveaways coming soon...). 

(insert BTS of easter shoot). 

After our Spring photoshoot, it was time to get on with some content writing, such as this blog post! So I better get on with it... I hope this gave a little insight into a typical day at Chic Stories HQ. 

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